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The President's Office, Public Service Management (PO-PSM) is a Ministry under President's Office. It's chief executive and accounting officer is the Permanent Secretary, who has a workforce of about 300 employees.  Formerly known as the Civil Service Department, it was transformed into President's Office, Public Service Management (PO-PSM) in the year

2003 to conform with the newly enacted Public Service Act No. 8 of 2002. Along with the transformation, opportunity was taken to accommodate efficiency and effectiveness considerations in the Management of the Public Service, in particular implementation of the on-going Public Service Reforms and in provision of its services.

Functional Role and Scope:

PO-PSM's role is to assist the Head of the Public Service (the Chief Secretary) in matters of personnel and administration pertaining to Public Service in the entire government system. According to the Presidential Order of 1993 on Ministerial Responsibilities, the specific functions of PO- PSM embrace:

    Administrative & Personnel Policy
    Administration of Public Service
    Co-ordination of Training and Recruitment
    Improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of public service.
    Human Capital

Given these specific functions, the scope of PO-PSM's activities is to:

    Provide advisory services to Ministries, Departments and Regions;
    Formulate, prepare and monitor the implementation of administrative and personnel policies;
    Co-ordinate, monitor and administer all matters related to the allocation of human resources in the Public Service, notably:
    training ;
    Develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of Public Service Personnel;
    Instill and maintain ethical behaviour and a higher level of integrity among Public Servants, to give the Government a positive image;
    Co-ordinate and control the effectiveness of training in the public service, and increase the quality of manpower running the economy.
    Deal with policy analysis, research and review;
    Generate a conducive working environment;
    Review personnel and administrative policies and other related matters; and
    Enhance work morale among Public Servants.


The vision of PO-PSM reflects the broader poverty reduction development agenda of the Government as stipulated in the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP)

The vision of PO-PSM is therefore stated as follows:

To become a global institution of excellence enabling Public Service in delivering quality services thereby contributing to the achievement of high economic growth, reduction of poverty and better well - being of all Tanzanians by the year 2025


Its mission is:

To ensure that the Public Service is effectively and efficiently managed, through improved human resources management, systems and structures.


    Pursuit of Excellence in Service: Public servants will strive to achieve the highest standards in their work and to actively seek opportunities to improve those standards.
    Loyalty to Government: Public servants will loyally serve the duly elected Government of the day and will comply with the lawful instructions of their Ministers and managers.
    Diligence to Duty: Public servants will attend regularly during their hours of duty and will devote themselves wholly to their work during this time.
    Impartiality in Service: Public servants will not engage in political activities at the work place, nor allow their political views to influence the performance of their duties.
    Integrity: Public servants will not seek or accept gifts, favours or inducements in the course of discharging their duties. They will not use public property or official time for their own private purposes.
    Courtesy to All: Public servants will treat their clients and colleagues with courtesy. Public servants will regard themselves as servants of the Tanzanian people, and will be particularly considerate when dealing with vulnerable members of the public, such as the elderly, the poor, the sick and people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups in society.
    Respect for the Law: Public servants will not commit any unlawful act in the course of their duties.
    Proper use of Official Information: Public servants will not withhold information which the public has a right to know, nor information which is needed by Ministers or other public servants. They will not divulge or misuse official information which is confidential.


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