Planning Division

To provide expertise and services in planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.

(i) To coordinate formulation of and preparation of Annual Plan and Medium Term Strategic Plan;
(ii) To compile PO-PSM’s programmes and actions plans;
(iii) To develop strategies for resources mobilization;
(iv) To provide technical support for institutionalization of strategic Planning and Budgeting matters;
(v) To participate in analysis of outsourcing of non-core functions (Private Sector Participation); and
(vi) To prepare periodic reports on development and implementation of Public Service Reform Program (PSRP) and liaise with the State House - Reform Coordination Unit.

This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise two Sections:-
(i) Planning Section; and
(ii) Monitoring and Evaluation Section.



Katibu Mkuu OR-MUU


Katibu Mkuu Ofisi ya Rais -Menejimenti ya Utumishi wa Umma Dkt. Laurean Ndumbaro

Naibu Katibu Mkuu-Ofisi ya Rais Menejimenti ya Utumishi wa Umma na Utawala Bora Bi. Susan Mlawi. 

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Waziri wa OR-UUB

 Waziri wa Nchi, Ofisi ya Rais  Menejimenti ya Utumishi wa Umma na Utawala Bora, Mhe. Angellah J. Kairuki (Mb) 

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