Productivity and Research Unit

To facilitate informed decision making on remuneration matters in the Public Service.

The Unit will be responsible for the following activities:
(i) Search/collect and analyze  views from members of the public related to  Public Service remuneration and provide advise accordingly;
(ii) Prepare reports arising from the studies/surveys /research carried out and provide appropriate recommendations and modalities of implementing such recommendations;
(iii) Carry out pay trend surveys and provide advice to the Standing Committees;
(iv) Carry out research/surveys  on the needs of public servants and their families; general level of wages in the country; cost of living and changes therein; social security benefits; relative living standards of other social groups;
(v) Study pay trends in  remuneration pertaining to the private sector with a view to recommending ways of bridging the gap between the private sector and the public sector;
(vi) Carryout studies on improving production and  productivity in the public service to facilitate competitiveness in the labour market and provide recommendations to the Government; 
(vii) Develop and implement methodologies for productivity measurement, management and improvement in the public service;
(viii) Provide technical advice and assistance for devising productivity related payment schemes;
(ix) Liase with all institutions responsible for productivity within the country in determining public service productivity;
(x) Assist in creating a conducive environment in maximizing the use of productivity gains in collective bargaining exercises; and
(xi) Undertake studies on factors affecting attraction and retention of staff in the public sector.
The Unit will be led by an Assistant Secretary.


Waziri wa OR-UUB

 Waziri wa Nchi, Ofisi ya Rais  Menejimenti ya Utumishi wa Umma na Utawala Bora, Mhe. Angellah J. Kairuki (Mb) 

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